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The world is waiting... Travel consciously, safely, and without inhibition. Whether a young, solo adventurer or a family of explorers, we make sure your travels and adventures are fit with comfort.  




Oh the Distances...We Can Go

Our Normalize Traveling t-shirt was created with the explorer in mind. Our tri-blend t-shirt is comfortable and offers a sense of identity for your nomad spirit. Do you know of anyone who rarely travels or takes vacation time?  Well, those people along with the “rest is for the weak” thinkers inspired this quote shirt. Just like you, our company believes in a “work hard play hard” mentality. We believe you should rest, relax, and utilize your earned paid time off to treat yourself to life’s luxuries. The world and all of it’s natural treasures, beautiful cultures, and diverse people are waiting to be experienced.


One of the advantages of modern day travel (besides in-flight movies and more leg room) are the distances we can go; we can travel anywhere the weather is to our liking, which allows for year round adventure! We encourage you to practice mindfulness while traveling and remain present in the moment. That means not responding to your emails, dare we say even checking your email, not answering your phone, nor thinking about your unfinished work and personal tasks. If one thing is for sure, you can always buy more things but you can’t buy memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. You deserve to travel, so let’s normalize it.  


This personality t-shirt is perfect for both the holiday traveler and back pack expeditioner to advocate for a happy and explorative lifestyle. This simplistic yet creative design pairs well for many occasions such as casual lunches, exploring the local culture, relaxing by the pool, or trekking across land with your favorite pair of hiking boots. 

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