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10 Safe Travel Tips You Should Know Now

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Are you finally ready to travel? Before you head to your long-awaited vacation destinations we invite you to read on for our travel tips to help reduce any potential setbacks and lingering stress. We know that traveling can look a little different especially if you are traveling by plane. Here are a few tips that will keep you prepared and safe to ensure you have a great time.

Safe traveling at the airport during COVID-19 pandemic

Tip 1: As soon as you book your trip, check if your airline requires any health information i.e. COVID Vaccination card, testing, or other documentation outside of your normal identification and passport.

Tip 2: Research the spread of the COVID-19 Virus in the area you're traveling to, including how health and government officials are handling the outbreak, and what restrictions may be in place. For example, some cities across the world have curfews, and mandates regarding masks and social distancing vary by state and country.

Tip 3: Leaving fur babies or little humans behind? Write down their typical schedule for whoever will be caring for them, make sure they have their favorite toys, and the best way to contact you for an emergency such as Whats App, social media, or your cell phone if you’re traveling domestically.

Tip 4: For a quick check-in process check-in with your airline online and opt for a mobile boarding ticket, this will help reduce the amount of public surfaces you have to touch.

Tip 5: Keep the oz. of your liquid, personal care products in your carryon up to standard. This should greatly reduce your chance of getting held up at airline security, plus we don't want you to have to throw away that expensive perfume you have barely used yet.

Tip 6: If you can swing it, opt for just your carry-on bags instead of a checked bag, this will greatly reduce the amount of people you have to come in contact with and will also allow for less hands on your baggage.

Tip 7: If you are all about efficiency and/or staying away from masses of people as much as possible, try utilizing a program like TSA Pre-Check or CLEAR, doing so usually results in a shorter and faster security check process.

Tip 8: If you are a frequent bathroom user try to purchase the aisle seat ahead of time so you are not stuck with a window or middle seat and disrupt those in your row throughout the duration of your flight.

Tip 9: If you have a long flight, opt for the in-plane wi-fi, especially if the plane isn’t equipped with an entertainment screen. This will make time go by much faster.

Tip 10: When you return from your trip it may be a good idea to self quarantine or socially distance yourself for the next 2 weeks to give yourself and close family and friends peace of mind.

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