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Cotton Tee Shirt Printing

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Custom apparel is fun and valuable for brands to promote themselves or stand out in an important event. This is where cotton tee shirt printing comes along since this is a very popular material from printing your own design.

So, if you want to know how do you print high-quality t-shirts, keep Reading because we will talk more about this exciting and fun topic. First of all, what are the different types of t-shirt printing methods?

1. Screen printing

It is a very common method, especially among professionals. It is also known as silkscreen printing. The way it works is with a stencil and a nylon mesh. Waterproof material will block the negative space where a specific color does not need to be, depending on the design.

The results are high-quality t-shirt designs because it allows the ultimate replication of it. However, it is not suitable for designs with multiple complex colors.

2. Direct to Garment

It is a method similar to screen printing, but it requires more knowledge and skills. The ink goes directly to the fabric using a textile printer, and it is excellent for complex designs.

3. Dye sublimation

If you are wondering which printing is best for cotton t-shirts, this is not it since it Works better on light shirts or fabrics, such as polyester.

A particular type of dye is used. When it dries up and meets the polyester fabric, it solidifies on the garment. Heat is applied and pressure for the sublimation to take place.

4. Heat press printing

This is great for small t-shirt orders since it is a cheaper method, saving you resources and time. A design printed on a transfer paper is placed on the garment, and heat is applied to transfer it to the fabric.

5. Vinyl cutting

This method consists of cutting out the design from vinyl and then transferring it to a shirt using a heat press method. It is excellent for printing large numbers of designs and multiple garment types.

What are the benefits of cotton tee shirt printing?

There are several benefits we can mention from the best cotton t-shirt printers online available for you.

First of all, they are breathable. Cotton threads are typically softer than standard cotton. The best t-shirt printers will tell you this and, depending on the design you want to print, they will advise on cotton.

Also, cotton t-shirts smell much less and last longer than other types of fabrics. Secondly, how much does t-shirt printing cost? It is a very common question we receive all the time. It will depend on the material, the number of colors and complexity of the design, and of course, the number of garments. Sometimes, the more garments you need, the cheaper it is in the end.

Finally, cotton is a low-maintenance fabric because it can be machine washed. The downside is that it tends to shrink.

If you want more information, we invite you to review our t-shirt styles:

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